A Letter from Saudi Arabia – Where Dialogue Center is simply and democratically called: Secret Police

Saudi King Abdullah honoring Grand Mufti 26October2012 - photo1Es wurde nun das für den Personenkult installierte Abdullah-Zentrum in Wien eröffnet und wahrlich verkündet, wie wichtig dieses Zentrum für den Dialog sei, wahrlich, wie groß und gütig der saudische Diktator sei, wie sehr sich dieser saudische Diktator nach dem Dialog in Saudi-Arabien sehne, und den Dialog in Saudi-Arabien selbst dem ohnmächtigen Diktator zu führen zu ermöglichen, dafür werde der Umweg über Wien von großem Nutzen sein, damit alle in Saudi-Arabien erkennen, wie sehr das Herz des saudischen Diktators sich nach dem Dialog verzehrt, auf daß niemand dem Diktator mehr den Dialog verweigern wird können und aus Tausend und Tausend Mündern gleich aus einem Mund der Ruf erhallen wird:

Oh, Abdullah, Öffner der Türen, wir hören Dich, oh,
Abdullah, Beginnender, Schöpfer des Neuen, wir wollen
mit Dir reden, Erster ohne Beginn, o Dein Wort
hören, Preiswürdiger, Dir Deine Hand nicht ausschlagen …

Wie sehr diese Einleitung der Wahrheit entspricht, kann dem Brief von Joseph Alorayni aus Saudi-Arabien entnommen werden, den in Österreich u.a.v.m. auch Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz  Fischer, Bundeskanzler Werner Faymann bereits erhielten …

Dem Wunsch von Joseph Alorayni, diesen Brief auch hier zu veröffentlichen, wird gerne nachgekommen.

Denn dieser Brief aus Saudi-Arabien zeigt u.v.a.m., wie sehr es dem saudischen Diktator selbst unmöglich gemacht wird, einen Dialog zu führen. Die Einladung von Joseph Alorayni an den saudischen Diktator zum Dialog konnte bis jetzt der in seinem Palast gefangene nicht wahrnehmen, das Meeting übernahm his secret police

November 19th, 2012

Dr.inMartina Schmied, Abg. Alev Korun, Abg. Christine Marek, Abg. Franz Glaser, Abg. Gerhard Huber, Abg. Johannes Hübner, Abg. Peter Fichtenbauer, Abg. Andreas Karlsboeck, Abg. Josef Cap, Dr. Martin Eichtinger


Honorable members,

Earlier this November I informed your respected individuals of my formal request to bring about an inter-religious conference with Saudi King Abdullah, corresponding to the dialogue invitation I made to him on Thursday the 23rd of July, 2012.

The formal request of this dialogue invitation was received by “King Abdullah center for dialogue” in Vienna, but King Abdullah’s response is still negative.

Now, time has come to lay judgment upon this center.


The position of Saudi King Abdullah along with the executive branch of the Austrian government stands for the claim that the “Dialogue Center” is not a “Wahhabi Center” and serves not propaganda for the Saudi King’s royal family.

Many members and parties of the Austrian parliament and even parliamentary members from the party ruling the executive branch of the government, all of they have labeled the “Dialogue Center” as “Wahhabi Center” and voted against its establishment.

Distinguished members, every one of us know very well that Saudi King Abdullah is the head of Wahhabism. Nevertheless, he is also a dictator and an absolute authoritarian.

Moreover, Saudi King Abdullah forbids religious freedom in Saudi Arabia and punishes those Saudi citizens who choose to become Christians with beheading executions. In addition, Saudi King Abdullah disallows building churches for the Christian communities living in Saudi Arabia.


Honorable members, how is it possible to expect dialogue to come from Wahhabism since this ideology believes in despotism, violence and death as ways to deal with others, let alone to sponsor a “Dialogue Center.”

Could we lose the senses of our minds’ logic and think that Grace might come from Evilness. If we to accept such thought, then Austrians will fall for a slogan that the Devil proposes to establish the “Institution for Good Deeds” in Vienna, and Austrians will not see it as the Devil’s pitfall. Furthermore, we might hear some Austrians say that “it will be a contribution to building trust and to eliminate prejudice” (Martin Eichtinger – Außenministerium), and some others say that “it is the first step in the right direction” (Christine Marek – ÖVP).

Could we build trust and eliminate prejudice towards the Devil by establishing an institution for him in Vienna. Can that be the first step in the right direction. I am asking you the distinguished members.


In October, 2011 Saudi King Abdullah announced his initiative to establish his “Dialogue Center” in Vienna.

Five months later, and during the deliberations at the Austrian parliament regarding the credibility of Saudi King Abdullah’s “Center for Dialogue” to be hosted in the Austrian capital, a surprise came along from Saudi Arabia itself.
In March 2012, the Grand Mufti of Saudi King Abdullah issued the most extreme Fatwa giving a religious ordinance for the demolishing of all Churches in the Arabian Peninsula. It was the most violent and hatred Fatwa that was ever vented in the history of all Muslims.

On March 23rd 2012, the Austrian Bishops asked in a press conference from Saudi King Abdullah for a clarification regarding the violent Fatwa of his Grand Mufti.

Surprisingly, Saudi King Abdullah did not condemn his Grand Mufti’s violent Fatwa, nor did Saudi King Abdullah depose his Grand Mufti from the official position. Saudi King Abdullah did not even express his dismay to such Fatwa.

But, to the very contrast Saudi King Abdullah reaffirmed his Grand Mufti position by appointing him the preacher of pilgrimage’s day in Mecca to spread his extreme ideology to all Muslims on October 25, 2012 (photo attached).

Furthermore, on the very next day, 26 October 2012, Saudi King Abdullah made an honoring reception for the Grand Mufti at the King’s palace in Mecca (2 photos attached).

This clearly shows that Saudi King Abdullah is not distancing himself from extremism, but rather he is honoring and allying with an extremist Grand Mufti. Definitely it is not a sign for “dialogue” but a testimony to “deception.”

In July 2012, Abgeordnete  Anneliese Junker (VP-Bundesrätin – ÖVP) voted against establishing “Saudi King Abdullah’s Dialogue Center” in ViennaWhen Miss. Junker was asked by the press on July 22nd 2012, about the reason for her “NO” vote, she said that Saudi King Abdullah is a hypocrite “Scheinheiliger” and a dictator of the worst kind.

Now, that was the view of members of the Austrian ruling party towards Saudi King Abdullah, “a hypocrite and dictator of the worst kind.” The question then that forces itself here; Why some Austrian politicians are insisting on establishing Saudi King Abdullah’s Dialogue Center?

The obvious answer is “Corruption.” The “Dialogue Center” is not about dialogue or whatever these ideal mottos. It is all about real estates and money where is it coming from and to whose pockets it is going to.

On 23rd of July 2012, I announced an “Invitation For Dialogue” to Saudi King Abdullah for a conference to discuss building the first Church in Saudi ArabiaOn the 3rd of November 2012, I presented my formal request to the deputy secretary general of the “Dialogue Center”, Miss. Claudia Bandion-Ortner.

Instead of receiving a positive response to my “Invitation For Dialogue”, Saudi King Abdullah sent in his secret police to follow me, bully me and intimidate me.


Honorable members,

What answer would be, when a King makes an initiative for “Dialogue Center” and at the moment a citizen of his invites him for “Dialogue” the King sends his secret police to intimidate that citizen, what answer would be for the King’s behavior other than an “Ultimate Hypocrisy.”

I can’t imagine how much shame and hypocrisy there will be to enshroud your Austrian capital of Vienna by hosting a “Dialogue Center” named after a King who is the first one to reject to dialogue.

Grand Mufti preaching on pilgrimage day in Mecca  25October2012We know that Saudi King Abdullah is the head of Wahhabism. Thus, the proof that this “Dialogue Center” is actually a “Wahhabi Center” is self-evident since it was named after Saudi King Abdullah, the King of Wahhabis.

Distinguished members, I am afraid that this “Center for Dialogue” has transformed into a “Center for Deception” to cover the funneling of corrupt payments to particular politicians, and that calls for an investigation.

It is totally unacceptable that this “Center” becomes the address of corruption in Vienna where politicians from all over Austria come to sell their political vote in return for “D1” salary of 10,000 eurosIt will be a disaster for Austria if we hear in the future that this “Center” is facing the same scandal of “Haider Foundation.”

Honorable members, I am in pain as I write you these words about great Vienna which once has been the heart of the renaissance age, and now unbelievably disintegrates to host a “Center” infamous for hypocrisy and corruption.

I’m calling you to attend to your common sense and to your discerning conscious to do what is right regarding this “Center” which is about to open up in your capital the City of Vienna, after all.

Kind regards,

Joseph ALORAYNI, Saudi citizen

Web:   https://twitter.com/JesusSaveJoseph

*CC.   H.E. Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran

*CC.   President Heinz Fischer

*CC.   Chancellor Werner Faymann

*CC.   Abg.  Anneliese Junker

*CC.   Dr.  Christoph Kardinal SCHÖNBORN OP   \

Saudi King Abdullah honoring Grand Mufti 26October2012 - photo 2So also wird das Bandion-Ortner-Spindelegger-Zentrum, zu dem hier auch schon einiges geschrieben wurde, von einem Bürger in Saudi-Arabien beurteilt …

Abdullah-Center – The king and Spindelegger

Headquarters with terror campf of religions at Vienna?

Bad Taliban, Bezirk Islamchristfeld – Kunst muß artig sein

SPG-Novelle, König Abdullah und die Meinungsfreiheit

PS Der gesamte Brief als PDF-Datei zum Herunterladen: One letter from Saudi Arabia.

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