The helpless murderer in the desert

Is ISIS - The helpless murderer in the desert

The helpless murderer in the desert.


The image of James Foley kneeing beside his murderer, making the latter appear powerful, should not be the image that stays in the memory. The murderer is a murderer, but not powerful, instead helpless. Yet this has been overlooked and ignored – in the hysterical obsession with ISIS that has already assumed such proportions as to forget who and what ISIS is, and what the abbreviation stands for.¹ The images of this murder were spread by the media and on various platforms on the internet for the purpose of double propaganda, firstly the intended propaganda for the war against ISIS and secondly the unintentional propaganda for ISIS². From a human perspective, the images were also distributed from a feeling of shock about this cruel murder, honest shock, but also from… No murdered person should be humiliated in such a manner that the final pictures of him alive are those by his murderers, taken solely for the purpose of demonstrating a supposed strength and power with his staged humiliation and his exposure to the greatest imaginable fear, in the knowledge that he will no longer exist in a few moments, for the purpose of using his murder to present the apparent helplessness of a person selected by ISIS as someone to be combated.

If, for instance, the kneeling James Foley is removed from the picture, what remains to be seen? What remains of the ISIS propaganda? Nothing. A desert, a man in the desert, a helpless man with powerlessly swinging arms, with weak and hanging shoulders, a helpless man in the desert. Nothing else. A helpless man with a hanging head in the desert.

So nothing great. Nothing attractive. Nothing that would tempt anyone to murder for ISIS, or indeed to die for ISIS. Perhaps the murderer of James Foley knew only too well, in the moment in which he showed himself to be helpless, that he had already been abandoned by ISIS, that he is only a plaything, who came from Great Britain in order to avoid his actual or imagined existence as a plaything, tempted into the desert in order to continue being a plaything, and all of the murders that he might have committed previously, and all the murders that he is still likely to commit, will not allow or provide him with any other existence than that of a plaything, until he himself meets death in the desert, no glorious death, no heroic death, a nameless death, the death of a murderer, the death of a misused and eventually discarded follower, the air will simply be let out of him without any furore, and with his last breath he will already have landed in the pit of forgetting, or he lives on, he survives, he must continue to survive as a murderer, left alone and abandoned by ISIS, simply thrown out by ISIS. And where does he go then? Wherever he goes, he will remain what he has always been, a plaything.

He certainly won’t be able to return to Great Britain, as soon as he is finished with ISIS. It would only mean returning to a prison. And if he should return, perhaps he will have a view of the street from his prison, on which convoys of state guests will drive past, received heartily and with the greatest honours, the state guests who once financed ISIS, for whom he murdered. Or perhaps he will be allowed to watch the World Cup in Qatar and will see those who once financed and supported ISIS enjoy the football in the company of the highest government members and representatives from all over the world, when they fall into each other’s arms in celebration of every goal.

Perhaps he will even be allowed to watch programmes from so-called foreign television stations in prison and believe to the end of his days, because he never asked or questioned, that the ORF is a Saudi Arabian television station, because one day he saw a report about the visit of the King to Austria, where a centre was erected in his honour, for interreligious dialogue, no less

But it is more likely that he does not know who funds and supports ISIS, who is never held responsible for all the murders that he has committed on their behalf, for whom he died or for whom he will one day be imprisoned. A plaything doesn’t know any of that, he is there merely to be kicked like a ball. And when such a ball flies through the air because it has been kicked, the ball believes – and that is the tragedy – that he is flying because he wants to fly. But perhaps he realised, in the very moment when he stood so helplessly in the desert, that everything he was promised is all just hot air, and despite all that he himself spouted and promised when he went into the desert for ISIS, he has simply arrived in the absolute desert, where nothing grows, nothing blossoms, certainly not his life, in which only one thing grows, to use Nietzsche’s words, only the desert…

It is too late for the helpless man in the desert who has become a murderer, but it is not too late to save those who still wish to leave Europe for the desert in order to leave behind the desert hidden within them, those full of illusion and willing to travel, not to leave them alone, to show them how they will also be ridiculed, as corpses, as condemned in prisons, as soon as the whole ISIS thing is over, and those who finance and support ISIS, with military parades in Europe…

¹ It is not only forgotten; people and companies are open to accusation for even mentioning ISIS. But when the whole matter of ISIS is gone, one entry might yet possibly remain: For a IS ISISvery brief time, ISIS was also an acronym for an organised religion, whose female god did not, however, as one might assume from the name, come from Egyptian mythology.

² By now a second abbreviation is being used: “IS”, which is meant to stand for “Islamic State”. But it is absurd and completely unrealistic to use an abbreviation for a state that does not exist. And it merely feeds the illusion that such a state could ever come into being, but above all it is a dangerous misguiding of people who believe they are now travelling to a state, when all they are doing is travelling into the desert, and then only to murder helplessly…

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