The security of Roma and Sinti in Austria’s national interest, visiting current chancellor says

The security of Roma and Sinti in Austria_s national interest visiting current chancellor says

Kyiv. In Holosiyivskiy Park, the current chancellor acknowledges guilt for Porajmos crimes and vows to fight Antiziganism, does address his far-right coalition partner …

The security of Roma and Sinti is in Austria’s national interest, the country’s Chancellor said on that day, accepting his country’s guilt for Porajmos crimes and vowing to fight Antiromanyism and stand up for the Roma and Sinti everywhere …

In a sweeping address to the Central Council of Roma and Sinti, current chancellor declared security of Roma and Sinti to be part of Vienna’s Staatsraison … 

As Austrians we will support Roma and Sinti whenever they are threatened. We will be committed to the historic moral obligation that we have as Austrians towards the security of Roma and Sinti …

It’s our moral obligation that this is part of our Staatsraison, meaning in the national interest of my home country, he added, speaking in German. Current Chancellor went on. We understand the serious security threats Roma and Sinti are is facing. We therefore fully condemn all acts of violence …

Austria will keep on reminding its counterparts everywhere that Roma and Sinti are here to stay. And that it is their duty to find a way to accommodate themselves with this fact, he said.

Earlier on the day, during a Meeting, he said he would try to raise awareness in Europe for the special situation and the special security needs of Roma and Sinti, previewing his country’s upcoming stewardship … he was called a true friend of Roma and Sinti …

During his speech the current chancellor went to great length to accept Austria’s wartime guilt and to assure his audience that his government will do whatever it takes to teach about the Porajmos to young people and fight Antiziganism, both from the far-right and the Austrian communities.

I personally find it unbelievable and unacceptable that even almost a century after the Porajmos, Antiromanyism still exists in our world today. Austria bears a special historical responsibility in this context: to support Roma and Sinti life in our country and to protect it against all forms of Antiziganism, the old chancellor said.
No matter if it has been present for a long time or it is newly promoted: there is and shall never be room for it in Austria — and we will continue to fight for that every day.

Austria’s historical responsibility includes a special responsibility toward Roma and Sinti, he added, explaining that this led his government to adopt a proactive agenda when it comes to supporting Sinti and Roma people …

Current chancellor did not answer, however, the boycott against his coalition partner, the far-Right with its xenophobic policies.

Many Austrians did nothing to fight the Nazi regime, he acknowledged. Far too many actively supported these.

This was a report, short said, about a journey that has not started yet.

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